Fun (and Possibly Useful) Stuff

Preparing to give a speech?

Speech-making tips that will leave your audience speechless.

Desperate for a winning speech topic?

Scholastic's online speech topic generator.

Are you game for a game?

A one minute speech-making activity courtesy of the Forest of Reading.

Here's a Speechless word search

Courtesy of the Forest of Reading.

How to pronounce Jennifer's name

All you ever wanted to know about Jennifer

Interview by Aimee Reid

December 5, 2016, at Good Books to Share

Interview by Hannah McKinnon

December 9, 2016, at Hannah McKinnon

Interview with The Canadian Children's Book Centre

November 2017, at CCBC newsletter

Speechless book trailer by the amazing Anastasia

Ms Mulcaster's awesome reading of the first chapter of Speechless

Powtoon Book Trailer

St. Joseph, St. Phillip and St. Agnes Google Hangout interview

99.3 County FM interview with Lynn Pickering - segment 1
featuring the talented actor Reed Benzie's reading of Speechless

99.3 County FM interview with Lynn Pickering - segment 2

Hunters Bay Radio interview with Christine Cowley