What Teachers and Librarians say about Jennifer's Presentations

Jennifer Mook-Sang's book really got our students at Paisley Road Public School excitedly talking! Students actually jumped up and down … while getting an autograph after her presentation! Watching their faces during the presentation and when they spoke to Jennifer brought me so much joy as a Teacher-Librarian - they were mesmerized by an author and her writing. Thank you for the sincere and inspiring presentation for our kids.

Julie Richer, Upper Grand District School Board

Jennifer Mook-Sang is a delight. She was one of our featured authors during our World Read Aloud Day school assembly and was a huge success! She is very personable, approachable, friendly and open to new experiences - like signing around 100 autographs to adoring fans after her visit! She speaks to students in a way that they can understand, and piques and engages their interest through visual cues. Our students loved Speechless because many of them can relate to the character's experiences on a personal level. Speechless was voted #1 in our Silver Birch category by a landslide! We really enjoyed having Jennifer at our school - and I look forward to booking her at my next school.

Melanie Mulcaster, Peel District School Board

Jennifer's presentation was well planned and she did an excellent job educating the audience about the writer's process. She was lovely with the kids, and answered their questions with kindness and patience. A highly recommended speaker!

Gayle Casey, Oakville Public Library