Librarians and teachers said...

I'm a 5th grade teacher in Virginia. I just finished reading your book Speechless to my class and we loved it! It was so funny and relatable to my students. We wanted to reach out to say thank you for writing an awesome book!


Emily P.

I just finished reading Speechless. I just wanted to let you know that I thoroughly enjoyed it, and plan on doing a read aloud with it this year with my grade 3/4 class. There are many wonderful moments to predict, infer, make connections, to ask questions. I like that the characters are multi-layered as well. Of course, the opportunity to write one's own speech is a great writing/oral task as a follow up. Thanks for writing Speechless!

Jennifer C.

The students in my grade 6 class are loving Speechless! Thank you for the great book that engages them as readers! We've been having some great discussions in class, they find the characters very relatable and are all so surprised by the ending. Thanks for generating all of the worthwhile conversations!

Melissa R.

Speechless by Jennifer Mook-Sang is a book worth talking about. Kids will talk about how funny the book is. They'll get how Joseph Alton Miles, J.A.M., aka Jelly tries his best to deal with normal situations that you run into as a sixth-grader. Teachers and librarians will talk about how the author links topics like friendship, public speaking and bullying together into a story that kids can relate to.

Alison M.

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